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For years I have been threatening to rock a baby’s onesie. Do you know what I’m talking about? Those cute little cotton numbers slapped onto babies that top off as a t-shirt and finish in the bottom with snaps. Babies looks oh-so-adorable in them. Well, Little Ms. Funnybones has been hollering about wearing them, and guess what? This is the year to make good on my promise. 2010 is the Year of The Onesie.

Don’t believe me? Well, check this out:

This, My Gentle Reader, is a ONESIE. But wait there’s more:

Colorful and comfy looking, the proverbial Onesie was given the grown up treatment and being sent down runway after runway for Spring 2010. And it looks  practical too, most necessary-

…in taupe. Crisp and cool as a cucumber this tank shorts combo looks like it could rock the walk on or off the runway

And of course Mr. Karl Lagerfield makes it downright sexy.

Yep. I am at one with the onesie. Can’t hardly wait to spring it on you. (photos courtesy of

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Inspiration: Rita Hayworth

Classic BEAUTY, delivered with heat. Curved & womanly with a dancer’s physicality, gorgeous Rita Hayworth is a perfect pin-up girl for the glamor of the 1940’s. Those broad shoulders, regal stance and lips that promise kissing.  More memorable than even her movies, is the persona, the indelible act of merely being Rita Hayworth.   Even so, even a goddess may endure many a tough time when it comes to searching for true love. “Men went to bed with Gilda,” she is reported to have said, “and woke up with me.”

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Bits & Pieces

It’s NOT that I don’t want to post pictures of my day-to-day outfits, but unless the paparazzi discover a reason to stalk my doorstep, there’s not really anyone but little ol’ me to chronicle my costumes. AND my self-portraits are limited to arms length at present. A tripod and timer seem to crawl up the queue of my WANTS LIST, but not yet, gentle reader, not just yet.

When I headed out today, my last day of X-mas break, I have to say, I rather liked my outfit. It possessed all the elements I like: a classic hue paired with a shot of hot color, lots of layers for warmth, easy movement, and my requisite broach. The broach du jour, blossomed humbly on my collar,  this time a lovely hand-made number given to me by my dear friend and former co-worker, Rachel Gregg who said it was hand-made by a child in a tiny Thai village in hopes to raise money for a charity. That’s alot to like, and I was most happy to pin it on today.

I wore lots of layers. A charcoal grey jersey tunic worn over a satiny slip in my favorite print of late, black and white polka-dots. Said slip of satin was recently scored from the Sleepwear Department at Target. For added warmth, and modesty, my blue denim britches, and a double layering of thermals, a poppy colored J. Crew thermal shirt and a D.I.Y. grey thermal shrug that I made last spring. For even more D.I.Y. flair, I sported my mohair, mo’ fun sweater cuffs, culled from a pair of discarded but beloved pair of socks embellished with a frightfully  regal set of gold-tone buttons.

Over all this is my black wool newspaper-boy hat, another purchase from Target, & my trusty stripey B&W scarf.  Beneath it were simple black flats with black/grey striped ankle socks. These were worn to ensure that my stripe statement for the day was set for overkill.

The outfit is very casual, but I like the personality of it, it has much more quirk than your average jeans & t-shirt combo, and was just right for running my errands on my e-bike. Very mobile and on the go, I think. And I very much want to IT show you, IN ITS ENTIRETY, yet for reasons no longer than my arm, I can not. Instead I shall present you a crazy quilt of  snap-shots, the bits and pieces of my ensemble, and I hope you like it more than a little.


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High Resolution

Making Rosy Resolutions

Happy New Year, people!  As we tuck the first decade of the 21st century under our belts, and head boldly into the next one, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the daily moments that make our lives so delicious. My coffee with a delay timer, for instance, so I can wake up and smell the coffee, literally. Like magnet to steel, the aroma of java pulls my mind out of the watery shallows of my dreaming and headlong into reality. With the proper dose of cream, it is reality I can deal with.  Other delicious moments include thrift-shopping which I’ve been busy doing on my wonderful winter holiday. Two days, two Thrift-towns and a couple of armloads full of goodies. I just may post a few pics of some of my fabulous finds later, as a kind of teaser.

Meanwhile there have been many moments in 2009 that give me so much inspiration and joy, and I can’t imagine what life would be without them. Funny thing is, a couple of years ago, I didn’t own a computer or know the first thing about blogs, and now I LOVE to cruise the ether-sphere and check out what people like me are saying. More importantly: what ARE they wearing? LOL. So many amazing fashion blogs out there, I feel rather humble to be attempting to start my own, at my ripe ol’ age of, well, this lady rather not say! There are a myriad of absolutely amazing fashion blogs out there being written by girls as young as 13, 14, 15. And you know what? They are amazing! What sophisticated and sharp eyes are out there, and so good at putting together an outfit. I think fashion is truly being given to the people by the people, and fashion history is being written as we speak, one blog at a time.

My favorite way so far to keep abreast of this sea of blogs is to check ’em out at You pick the ones you want to follow, and like a stack of magazines, you can flip through a bunch, and savor many beautiful images, seen by people all over the planet. Technology can be such a lovely thing, and I am glad to be living in the 21st century.  So while I chart my course for the the next leg of the journey, and plan my campaign to take on 2010, please enjoy some of my visual finds in the bloggersphere. I will try to list all the blogs so you can check them out for yourself, and see what you might find as an image for inspiration.

Meanwhile, my new year’s resolution for 2010 is simple: do what I love, and feel good doing it. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S MY DEARS. xo. xo. -Bella Q

From the streets of Helsinki, Finland:

the cat's meow! courtesy of The Glamourai

cute as a button, she's the girl in the Style Bubble

more street fashion

what black & white and "read" all over? fashion blogs, for one

the San Francisco treat ala


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Blogger vs WordPress

I’m considering a switch-over of this blog from wordpress to Both seem to have different advantages. So please scoot over and keep posted on Citizen Rosebud’s shannigans at:

And feel free to give your feedback, suggestions and input. They are always welcome!


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Viva La Viv!

Inpact. Influence. Style to spare. Vivienne Westwood has been designing clothes for over 3 decades and has a decidedly pointed world view on style. Safety pins, ripped clothing, the Anarchy symbol, just a few of her ubiquitous contributions to the fashion world at large. Her fashion influence is almost to numerous to mention, but she refuses to rest on past laurels and is still making waves, and beautiful clothing. Here she talks about this and that and reels you in with her peculiar and razor-sharp charm.

My favorite quote: “If you were born a freak, a freak of beauty, why not look like a goddess? Why not?”

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