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Inspiration: Christian Dior Fall R-T-W

If there was a Nobel Prize for fashion, I’m sure John Galliano  would be a recipient. He is a brilliant designer who is well-versed in history, and clearly no stranger in making it. I absolutely love his designs for Christian Dior’s Fall 2009 Ready-To-Wear. With vintage echos in each silhouette, each outfit is saturated with color & detail, and oh-so au-currant. Delicious. Here’s a peek:

The gorgeousness just doesn’t cease. I could wear the entire collection and never tire of it. Such lovely, lovely pretties.

View the collection:


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Fall in love with Martin-Mattox


‘Click here to see the goodies now available at Martin Mattox’ .

Have I mentioned that I love Martin-Mattox? Martin Mattox is saturated with the  fun finds and crazy inspirations of the notoriously brilliant team of Arbogast Design. You can find their goods & services at a Roseville location, right in the heart of the Roseville Antique Mall.

The recently expanded boutique is now newly refreshed with winter/autumnal overtones in what may briefly be described as “Dark Victoriana.” Delightful stuff.  Citizen Rosebud says CHECK IT OUT.

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Citizen Bella

Meet Citizen Bella

In full bloom

Meet Citizen Bella.

Her motto is “Bloom Madly,” and she is a riot for colorful, individual style. “I love eccentrics,” she declares while sipping tea with her toast. No stranger to eccentricities herself, she fills her life with colorful people. “All sorts are my favorites,” she says, and goes on to describe the dapper old man who walks his dog every Sunday. “I mean he wears a Porkpie to walk his dog, for chrisakes, a PORKPIE!” She tends to talk and laugh loudly.

One may suggest that she dresses loudly, but that’s not quite true. “I just like a good outfit,” she purrs, “something that is right for the occasion, something that expresses style, pizzazz.” She doesn’t like to ever look over-dressed, or seem out of place. “But I REFUSE to wear sweats in public, I must look presentable.” And what was presentable today? A black & white buffalo plaid dress, circa 1990’s, with a circle skirt, layered over a black lace slip. Belted with a polka-dot scarf. Simple black ballerina flats. With her super short boyish haircut, I suggest she looks like Judy Garland meets Grunge. She shrugs,” Maybe.”  She says she’s on the hunt for a grown-up pair of ruby slippers. “That’d be the ticket, doncha think?”

One could easily imagine this gamine romping around in a pair of red sequined mary-janes. Oh yes, I nod back. Round trip. All the way.

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Citizen Rosebud Launches at the Fringe

Announcing the launch of Citizen Rosebud at the Fringe.

Fringe at X & 21st

Beginning November 8th, Citizen Rosebud will be available at Fringe, a gem of a shop located near the corner of X & 21st Street. This shop is filled to the brim with all sorts of  perfect treasures, from  shiny pearl pendants, vintage alligator purses, charming antique furniture to a kick-ass collection of vintage cowboy boots.

Citizen Rosebud is the love-child of RQ Bella, who hopes you love polka dots & plaid as much as she does.

2409 21st Street
Sacramento, California

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