Blogger vs WordPress

I’m considering a switch-over of this blog from wordpress to Both seem to have different advantages. So please scoot over and keep posted on Citizen Rosebud’s shannigans at:

And feel free to give your feedback, suggestions and input. They are always welcome!



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4 responses to “Blogger vs WordPress

  1. blogspot has two main advantages: adsense, amazon associates = advertising.

    wordpress has no trouble at all posting youtube, and the layout is uh, roomier. no delay in downloading page, which seems to. for me.

    however, everybody’s fashion blog seems to be on blogger, and it has some very easy features. owned by google so many perks in widget world.

    still torn however. wordpress is smoooooth.

  2. oh, yeah, read somewhere that google owns your stuff on blogger. they can use or withhold stuff if they don’t like content. hmmm. that’s interesting….

  3. crap! i’m still so torn between the two. Blogger is simple and the network makes it easy to link up, and follow other bloggers. WP, to my knowledge not such a thing…esp in fashion blogging where everybody seems to be on blogspot. Just sayin’. For now, I may double post on both sites. -Bella Q

  4. Your facebook like module is busted, at least it isn’t on my end. Does not appear to work no matter what I do. Planned to provide you with a like, but I can’t.


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