Bits & Pieces

It’s NOT that I don’t want to post pictures of my day-to-day outfits, but unless the paparazzi discover a reason to stalk my doorstep, there’s not really anyone but little ol’ me to chronicle my costumes. AND my self-portraits are limited to arms length at present. A tripod and timer seem to crawl up the queue of my WANTS LIST, but not yet, gentle reader, not just yet.

When I headed out today, my last day of X-mas break, I have to say, I rather liked my outfit. It possessed all the elements I like: a classic hue paired with a shot of hot color, lots of layers for warmth, easy movement, and my requisite broach. The broach du jour, blossomed humbly on my collar,  this time a lovely hand-made number given to me by my dear friend and former co-worker, Rachel Gregg who said it was hand-made by a child in a tiny Thai village in hopes to raise money for a charity. That’s alot to like, and I was most happy to pin it on today.

I wore lots of layers. A charcoal grey jersey tunic worn over a satiny slip in my favorite print of late, black and white polka-dots. Said slip of satin was recently scored from the Sleepwear Department at Target. For added warmth, and modesty, my blue denim britches, and a double layering of thermals, a poppy colored J. Crew thermal shirt and a D.I.Y. grey thermal shrug that I made last spring. For even more D.I.Y. flair, I sported my mohair, mo’ fun sweater cuffs, culled from a pair of discarded but beloved pair of socks embellished with a frightfully  regal set of gold-tone buttons.

Over all this is my black wool newspaper-boy hat, another purchase from Target, & my trusty stripey B&W scarf.  Beneath it were simple black flats with black/grey striped ankle socks. These were worn to ensure that my stripe statement for the day was set for overkill.

The outfit is very casual, but I like the personality of it, it has much more quirk than your average jeans & t-shirt combo, and was just right for running my errands on my e-bike. Very mobile and on the go, I think. And I very much want to IT show you, IN ITS ENTIRETY, yet for reasons no longer than my arm, I can not. Instead I shall present you a crazy quilt of  snap-shots, the bits and pieces of my ensemble, and I hope you like it more than a little.



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6 responses to “Bits & Pieces

  1. lisa gee

    do you hear that. . . it’s the paparazzi knocking at your door.

    The quilt of snapshots do help me better envision your ensemble and should help me in my goal to learn more and move to a more adventerous style. The pencil skirt I’m wearing today is almost vintage – I think it might be 20 years old. . . but definately is lacking enthusiasm. It will definately be an evolution. I love-love-love your simple black flats with black/grey striped ankle socks.

    • Lisa Gee, you are a darling, dahling! Yes, vintage is anything over 20 years old. As of this month, even articles of clothing from the year 1990 is now officially vintage. Grunge is the next new retro- thang, believe that or not. Those shoes which I wear almost everywhere ut to bed are yet another acquisition from Target, a steal for around $12. I have another pair in cobalt, because you can’t have to much of anything that looks good on you. We’ll jazz you up! How do you feel about scarves, as in those silky grown-up numbers you can wear with anything?

  2. ViegitaBonita

    Your Mamacita is so proud of you !

  3. (blushes) (kicks at flooring) thanks, ma! i LOVE you!

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