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High Resolution

Making Rosy Resolutions

Happy New Year, people!  As we tuck the first decade of the 21st century under our belts, and head boldly into the next one, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the daily moments that make our lives so delicious. My coffee with a delay timer, for instance, so I can wake up and smell the coffee, literally. Like magnet to steel, the aroma of java pulls my mind out of the watery shallows of my dreaming and headlong into reality. With the proper dose of cream, it is reality I can deal with.  Other delicious moments include thrift-shopping which I’ve been busy doing on my wonderful winter holiday. Two days, two Thrift-towns and a couple of armloads full of goodies. I just may post a few pics of some of my fabulous finds later, as a kind of teaser.

Meanwhile there have been many moments in 2009 that give me so much inspiration and joy, and I can’t imagine what life would be without them. Funny thing is, a couple of years ago, I didn’t own a computer or know the first thing about blogs, and now I LOVE to cruise the ether-sphere and check out what people like me are saying. More importantly: what ARE they wearing? LOL. So many amazing fashion blogs out there, I feel rather humble to be attempting to start my own, at my ripe ol’ age of, well, this lady rather not say! There are a myriad of absolutely amazing fashion blogs out there being written by girls as young as 13, 14, 15. And you know what? They are amazing! What sophisticated and sharp eyes are out there, and so good at putting together an outfit. I think fashion is truly being given to the people by the people, and fashion history is being written as we speak, one blog at a time.

My favorite way so far to keep abreast of this sea of blogs is to check ’em out at You pick the ones you want to follow, and like a stack of magazines, you can flip through a bunch, and savor many beautiful images, seen by people all over the planet. Technology can be such a lovely thing, and I am glad to be living in the 21st century.  So while I chart my course for the the next leg of the journey, and plan my campaign to take on 2010, please enjoy some of my visual finds in the bloggersphere. I will try to list all the blogs so you can check them out for yourself, and see what you might find as an image for inspiration.

Meanwhile, my new year’s resolution for 2010 is simple: do what I love, and feel good doing it. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S MY DEARS. xo. xo. -Bella Q

From the streets of Helsinki, Finland:

the cat's meow! courtesy of The Glamourai

cute as a button, she's the girl in the Style Bubble

more street fashion

what black & white and "read" all over? fashion blogs, for one

the San Francisco treat ala



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American Woman

Have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of the red, white & blue? I am totally digging the fresh color scheme of true Americana. Usually reserved for my spring & summer wear, I’m making an exception this year due to the recent find at a certain Yolo county thrift store of a fire-engine hand-knit golf cap and coordinating blue knit scarf with white and red stripes. Somehow it seems to go with everything, including my bestest coat ever, the vintage 1960’s cheetah sport. It didn’t take much for me to add my vintage Italian leather purse and a couple of vintage flower broaches to color me all-American. Everything but the green tank and ankle boots are second-hand, either scored from a friend, or a thrift store. The tank, like everything else I buy brand new, is from Target, and the boots are salvaged from a Halloween costume I wore a few years back, when I dolled up as a saloon girl. The fact that the whole ensemble was incredibly warm and comfortable while making me feel colorful and stylish was an added boon. When it comes to thrifty style, I feel most patriotic.


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Citizen Bella

Meet Citizen Bella

In full bloom

Meet Citizen Bella.

Her motto is “Bloom Madly,” and she is a riot for colorful, individual style. “I love eccentrics,” she declares while sipping tea with her toast. No stranger to eccentricities herself, she fills her life with colorful people. “All sorts are my favorites,” she says, and goes on to describe the dapper old man who walks his dog every Sunday. “I mean he wears a Porkpie to walk his dog, for chrisakes, a PORKPIE!” She tends to talk and laugh loudly.

One may suggest that she dresses loudly, but that’s not quite true. “I just like a good outfit,” she purrs, “something that is right for the occasion, something that expresses style, pizzazz.” She doesn’t like to ever look over-dressed, or seem out of place. “But I REFUSE to wear sweats in public, I must look presentable.” And what was presentable today? A black & white buffalo plaid dress, circa 1990’s, with a circle skirt, layered over a black lace slip. Belted with a polka-dot scarf. Simple black ballerina flats. With her super short boyish haircut, I suggest she looks like Judy Garland meets Grunge. She shrugs,” Maybe.”  She says she’s on the hunt for a grown-up pair of ruby slippers. “That’d be the ticket, doncha think?”

One could easily imagine this gamine romping around in a pair of red sequined mary-janes. Oh yes, I nod back. Round trip. All the way.

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