Bloom Noir

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a book on Film Noir. Now, I thought  I had seen most film noir movies, but my viewing of the genre seems to be a drop in the bucket. LOTS of movies to see and that means lots and lots of Femme Fatales running around out there to inspire me. The glamour of the ’40’s has aged remarkedly well, and I can’t seem to ever tire of the bold prints, the strong shoulders and lips of the era. Perhaps it’s the smoulder in the eyes that to this day, still promises a blaze. Now I’m in the mood to doll up in waspish waisted dresses printed in a loud floral with “power shoulders.” And I’m definitely digging up my matte red lipstick and black-as-my-heart eyeliner. Mood: NOIR. And I’m feeling most Femme.

Ann Southern showing off her fatale allure

Again, Ann Southern in pure Bloom Noir.


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The Past Predicts the Future…(what will you be wearing in 2010?)

Just gearing up for the new year, and ran across this amusing bit on youTube. I wonder what the future brings to my wardrobe.

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American Woman

Have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of the red, white & blue? I am totally digging the fresh color scheme of true Americana. Usually reserved for my spring & summer wear, I’m making an exception this year due to the recent find at a certain Yolo county thrift store of a fire-engine hand-knit golf cap and coordinating blue knit scarf with white and red stripes. Somehow it seems to go with everything, including my bestest coat ever, the vintage 1960’s cheetah sport. It didn’t take much for me to add my vintage Italian leather purse and a couple of vintage flower broaches to color me all-American. Everything but the green tank and ankle boots are second-hand, either scored from a friend, or a thrift store. The tank, like everything else I buy brand new, is from Target, and the boots are salvaged from a Halloween costume I wore a few years back, when I dolled up as a saloon girl. The fact that the whole ensemble was incredibly warm and comfortable while making me feel colorful and stylish was an added boon. When it comes to thrifty style, I feel most patriotic.


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Inspiration: Images by Irving Penn

A classic image taken by a class act. Irving Penn’s impact is immense, on fashion, on photography. Many words can & will be spilt about the myriad of iconic images he produced in his long career. I’ll leave it to a brief & elegant equivilant of a thousand. Rest in peace, Mr. Penn. You are already missed.

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Red Hat, Black Cat

Got a snazzy new red knit red cap recently and it’s a good cover for my recent buzz-cut. Also pretty snazzy is my new cat Boris and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of him looking quite striking on the red couch and red plaid throw. We make a toothsome twosome, don’t you think?

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Have Cape, Will Travel

What a delightful way to travel.

Discovered this delicious image over a year ago from an awesome Scandanavian blog that promoted style on bicycles. It used to be called Girls on Bikes, but now it’s called Copenhagen Style Chic. You can see for yourself how amazing this blog is at:

Meanwhile enjoy the Cape Crusader in all her capish glory in photo above. I love the shock of red on the legs and from the bike, the simple lean silhouette and the fact the the look remains very functional. Think I’ll wear my cape today. Remember folks- “Style Over Speed.”

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Fun at the Fringe

The fine folks at the Fringe have been working late getting their shop all prettified and ready for Second Sunday. I must say, Fringe looks amazing! Decked out in bits of everything, including a fresh delivered batch of Citizen Rosebud goodies. We at the Citizen Rosebud have been busy as elves finding winter finery for your holiday season. A charming selection of houndstooth, plaids, silks, woolens, satin & velvets all rub elbows on the racks and shelves. Will have more pictures later of some choice pieces but hopefully these pictures will wet your appetite. (These are all the photos I got before my camera’s batteries died this afternoon). Fringe is located near the corner of X & 21st in Sactown, California. Stop by 2409 21st Street and take a peek. You can reach the Fringe at (916) 706-0216.
I’ll be in sometime tommorrow after a morning a delectable thrifting!

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